Jan 13, 2021

Rest is a Weapon

Rest Changes people. Rested people change the world. enneagram coach, leadership coach, conflict resolution jenn whitmer

I was making a mess of things week.

I mean not big things, but like spilling a tablespoon of coffee beans. Not a big mess, but you’re picking up little bits that keep showing up.

And what I keep learning is rest is a weapon in accomplishing my mission. (Thanks, Jo Saxton).

My mission to help teams and leaders solve conflict and personality clashes using the Enneagram and communication so they can build confidence, lead powerfully, and live peacefully and free.

Rest is a weapon in accomplishing my mission.

And my coffee beans have been spilling everywhere because my rest-weapon is dull.

I fall into old habits.

I stumble into conflict.

I procrastinate. (I mean that’s a problem on a good day!!)

Without rest, I become dull and ineffective.

When I rest.

I’m generous.

I’m patient.

I’m a truth-teller with compassion.

Rest changes me. And when I rest, I can change the world.

I pretend I can be all the things and do all the things  with no stopping (except laundry. I don’t want to do ALL the things.) I  behave as if I am infinite and omnipotent. And then my glass house shatters as soon as the stone of hangry gets tossed and the brick of six hours of sleep is thrown.


Rest changes me. And when I rest, I can change the world.

Because I am limited, I need rest.

Self-care is the talk of the town, and it’s well beyond a mani/pedi.

Because I am limited, I need rest.

True self-care rhythms of rest and renewal restore the mind, body, and soul.  Rest not only keeps us from falling apart, but we actually transform and grow.

Write yourself a permission slip to rest:

•Turn your work email OFF your phone when you are not working. Not just the notifications, but slide that little button to off. (And Slack, too. I  see you.)

•Don’t answer work calls or texts.

•Take a break—for at least a day—from social media. All those adorable pictures (and the controversies) will be there when you return.

•Go outside. Yes, even in the cold.

•Ask for help. I’m looking at you, ladies, who have a hard time asking for help or don’t like the way they help. It’s ok if it’s not perfect.

•Seek out moments of silence, stillness, and solitude. Even just it’s just 5 minutes.

•Read and write. Get lost in a novel. Journal for self-awareness.

•Sleep. Take the nap. Go to bed early. Skip the nostalgia movie on Disney+. If rest transforms individuals, rested individuals transform teams, families, organizations, and communities. And that requires a leader who values rest.

How do we extend that to others?

Questions to consider about leading others into rest:

  • How do you respond when team members use all their PTO?
  • Do you help your children recharge after school?
  • What routines of rest have you established for your team?
  • How do you respond when your teenager is exhausted?
  • Do you proactively help your people manage their workload?
  • Who else can do the laundry? (Ok, just asking that for myself!)
  • Learning to rest is a continual growth process. Leading others into rest is the same.

I am doing my best to practice rest. I hope you do as well.


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