May 13, 2020

Clutching the phone, my thumb hit call before my nerve evaporated. This conversation would be challenging and vulnerable. My palms were sweaty, & I was scared. My brain knows conflict is an opportunity for growth and connection. My emotions, however, hear air raid sirens.🚨🚨 I don’t dive headlong into conflict. I overlook and move past […]

Apr 27, 2020

Assumicide attacked our home this weekend. Casualties were great. In my pale celery green kitchen, my hands full scooping out eggs for brunch, my oldest man-child loomed in the doorway and kindly called me on an assumption. Ouch. See, the day before, Michael, I and this same 17-year-old, had a similar conversation in the very […]

Apr 19, 2020

I mean, aren’t we in the midst of tiny squabbles and pointed sighs? Little bickerings and a few quarrels? Who took my book? I thought you were going to charge the computer? It’s my turn on the Wii! Why does she leave her cup out all the time? Ugh, you’re always late for our Slack […]

Apr 19, 2020

We’re really in this for a while. When we return, life will be different. Schools online. Work is online. No games, concerts, recitals, church, hangouts. I just want to curl in bed and escape into Derry Girls, or I’m motivated to clean all the things. I am losing my mind with my family, or I’m […]

Apr 14, 2020

The past is cozy. It’s hard to fear the past. There are no to-do lists. There are no people to deal with. No energy to expend.  It can lull us into a comfortable melancholy of what was, & we withdraw from the world. Each of us has moments when people are just too much. The […]

Apr 14, 2020

Hamster wheels are fun to watch and terrible to be on. When a furry rodent needs to get some exercise, wheels are adorable. When humans are circling the thoughts in their minds—that’s an exercise in futility. We all have times of overthinking, but for some of us, it’s a consistent way of being. The Dependent […]

Apr 14, 2020

It’s hard to be sandpaper. I easily rub people the wrong way and knock off little bits they were rather fond of. The worst is when I don’t even know my grit is injuring someone else. The Assertive Stance of the Enneagram—Threes, Sevens, & Eights—often find themselves in this place of chafing against others or […]

Apr 9, 2020

It’s a whole lot right now. The swirling tasks, people, worries, shoulds, and oughts. There is just not enough mental and emotional bandwidth to do all. the. things. Yet, that doesn’t take away this lingering feeling that I need some permission. I mean, I don’t know from whom or what, but permission all the same. […]

Mar 22, 2020

We are in stress right now. All of us. It’s a rare moment in history where everyone on the planet is a state of communal stress. Our coping mechanisms change when we experience stress. We go to what’s easy, what’s simple, what requires the least amount of energy.  We go for the path of least […]

Mar 19, 2020

Jon Acuff wins. He’s right. Cut it in half. If you have (the privilege) to work from and you have kids at home right now, cut your productivity goals in half—for everyone.  When you’re all home all the time: There’s more cleaning. There’s more disciplining. There’s more whining (from the kids too 😬). And a […]

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