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Aug 8, 2022

You’re pool-side, slathering sunscreen on a kid who just wants to get into the water, and that slack ping on your phone tickles your ears. Resentment, guilt, insecurity all flood your chest. What should you do? Here’s the goal: Stop shoulding on yourself. So I’m not gonna tell you what you should do. But I […]

Sep 3, 2020

How do I trust myself to lead? How do I shake this imposter syndrome? Surely there is something better than muscling through. Suddenly, I was crying with my business coach. Right there on the Zoom with my entire cohort, tears spilled over my lashes. My coach was walking me through reviewing a mixed, but exciting […]

Aug 30, 2020

I quit playing the viola after 7th grade. After years of playing, I loosened the bow, covered the instrument with its velvet and satin cover, and locked the case. Everyone told me not to. I didn’t listen. After 6 months, I missed it and wanted to play in the high school orchestra. But I wasn’t […]

Jul 21, 2020

WHY IS THERE SO MUCH HAPPENING?? I’m longing for peace. Conflict and strife and confusion keep getting in the way. And I’m just so done. I want to make good decisions that lead toward peace and goodness, and this 2020 business keeps coming up with new things to make me weary! When I feel this […]

Jul 8, 2020

Shuffling papers, walking from the desk to the kitchen table to the counter, and muttering to myself, I was a whirlwind of activity. More like I was circling the drain. Michael said, “Babe, do one thing at a time.” Didn’t he just diagnose that situation? Have you ever been there, spinning your wheels and going […]

Jun 29, 2020

In stress, difficulty, conflict, each Enneagram type follows what I call intuitive moves. Some teachers call them lines and arrows or stress and growth. The moves of integration and disintegration are intuitive.  We naturally go these ways when we need something and can’t get it with our typical patterns. It’s you, but on a bad […]

Jun 21, 2020

“Be nice.”  “Don’t make a fuss.” “You’re so bossy.” Ever heard any of these? Uh, yeah. Me, too. Our culture has pushed several limiting beliefs about confrontation—and mostly to women. The message—well, the lie really—is confrontation is mean, aggressive, and not nice. That lie has turned into quite the monster in our culture. Sharon Hodde […]

Jun 20, 2020

What’s the story behind the story? Just out of reach of my daughter’s 10-year-old arms is a huge snarl of hair on the back of her head. Like 90% of the time. And she doesn’t always even know it’s there. Without extreme effort or some outside help, that rat’s nest never goes away. We each […]

Jun 7, 2020

I help people live peaceful and whole lives by equipping them with communication and conflict resolution skills. And right now, that work is intense. Because justice and anti-racism work is personal AND systemic. And if you’re new to this work, it often feels completely overwhelming. I’ve found the Enneagram a useful tool in examining my […]

Jun 5, 2020

And it’s going to cost you. I want to have different words for you today. Words that comfort. Words that heal. Words that mend. Words that feel like a big hug.  I just can’t get there. As I’ve written and deleted, written and deleted, written and deleted, I keep coming back to loving you with […]

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