Ellen Sanazaro, JubileeSTL

  For as along as I can remember, I have been a great peacekeeper. I've expertly swept problems under the rug and avoided difficult conversations. Jenn challenged this way of life when she presented her "Conflict is Opportunity" talk at my work. I gained a better understanding of what conflict is and where it originates. She equipped me with several doable strategies I have been able to implement in my own life. I can honestly say she not only challenged my previous way of thinking but also empowered me to walk out of the room as a peacemaker.

Crystal Blin, @CrystalCattle

 I absolutely loved Jenn’s presentation today on Storytelling. I think it’s such a unique way to connect with consumers. And sometimes it’s a little of a bit of difficult concept to understand. She lays out the basics, gave five easy steps. I am so excited to go home and implement the things that she talked about today.  

Missy Morgan, OsbornBarr Paramore

   I requested Jenn as a keynote speaker at our recent conference, where she received the highest scores from our audience. 86% felt “more equipped” or “a lot more equipped” following her speaking session. What is even more thrilling to me is how Jennifer captivated the attendees and provided both laughter and thought-provoking content. I genuinely enjoy her company as she quickly became a gracious, winsome and intelligent addition to our team. 

Elijah Stanley, JubileeSTL

   I now have a better understanding of how messy people are. I also have a better understanding of myself and my bent to escape conflict.

Addie Yoder, Grace and Growth with Addie

 I loved Jenn’s take on positively turning conversations. It was so impactful, and it’s really helped me in communicating with different people across my social media platforms already.  

Carla Shultz, @EightPlatesFarms

  The social media talk was great. We can tell our story better and to a bigger audience. But we have to know how to use it. We sometimes forget in the busyness of our daily lives, we can tell our story with the phone in our pocket. I loved all the info Jenn gave to us, and I will continue to use her as a resource.  

McKayla Robinette, Brevard College

 The social media talk was awesome. I have never lived in a world that didn’t have social media. I’ve always taken that for granted. I realized that the information I’m putting out the world can be used for good and more than just pictures. I can benefit the industry I love. I think it was awesome having the real social media training to help grow my skills.

speaker consoneconsulting conflict resolution

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Staff Member, JubileeSTL

I understand better the multi-faceted responses of avoiding, attacking, and peacemaking in conflict. I understand the fluid back and forth that moving from reconciliation to reinstatement requires.

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