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Jenn Whitmer

I help teams and leaders create positive culture with complex people. 


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My first impression of Jenn was, "Wow!" an engaging and effective speaker who leaves the audience with great tools and takeaways.

Jessica R.

Jenn is knowledgeable, articulate, and her humorous style really engages the audience.

Melissa W.

In every relationship...

Conflict is Opportunity

I know — it’s hard to believe. We often live in the world that conflict feels like the block to what we all want — peaceful lives. But can I challenge that thinking for just a hot second?? What if understanding conflict and communication was the road to becoming the powerful and confident leader you want to be?

The most effective tool to transform you

The Ennea-What?

The Enneagram! The Enneagram is a personality framework. A deep and multifaceted wisdom tool, the Enneagram helps you understand your motivations and how they affect your thoughts, feelings, and actions.  In other words, why you are the way you are. 
The first person you lead is yourself, and if you’re anything like me, you’re really hard to manage. The Enneagram not only shows us our why we do what we do, it helps us chose a better way.

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Executive event producer

No one has more energy than Jenn. She recently emceed and spoke at a 2-day conference for women leaders in agriculture and was amazing! Jenn does a wonderful job keeping participants on task and the meeting on schedule. Her presentation gave participants a quick self-assessment of their conflict style and provided them the tools and easy steps to help navigate difficult conversations. Authentic and effective, Jenn’s expertise stays with the audience because she truly connects with them as people.

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health care leader

I had a poor distinction between home and work life, frustration with the management of both. After our Enneagram training in the Catalyst Leadership Lab, I improved my confidence, understanding how I was leading in both areas, and I was able to set more reasonable expectations on myself and others.

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executive assistant

Jenn is the perfect mixture of kind and honest. She makes you feel safe to learn. Coaching with Jenn has transformed my relationship with husband and helped me reach the next level in my career.

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hospitality director

Jenn Whitmer is an interactive and engaging speaker, even in our virtual training platform. Jenn's workshop on conflict resolution was perfect for our managers. Our managers learned how to identify their own conflict style, myths about conflict, and actual phrases to use when dealing with conflict. She did exercises with the group on the spot and even provided free downloadable material at the end. One of the comments from our managers, “I wish I would have learned this 10 years ago!”

I highly recommend Jenn as a speaker.

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Seven-figure entrepreneur

Jenn was a speaker in my business coaching program and absolutely blew it out of the park. She was so incredible and impactful for my students in helping them integrate the Enneagram with their business and truly understand their clients from a different perspective. Jenn was also a guest on my podcast and really taught the Enneagram in a way that was simple, understandable, and highly actionable. When this information is used powerfully it can truly change your life, and Jenn teaches it in a way that's not just "good to know" but easily applied! I couldn't recommend her more!

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online business leader

When I put the Enneagram training to work, I found the ability to notice my own questions, use my natural gifts to grow my team, and create new options for my teen boys. My new effectiveness earned me a top-tier corporate trip with my company!

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Nonprofit leader

Our team tends to get deep in the weeds with our work and badly needed this training to connect us and encourage us to get to know ourselves and one another better. Jenn conducted an upbeat, positive, and extremely informational session introducing us to the Enneagram. Her knowledge and engaging style kept everyone's attention and gave us the means to do some self-discovery and identify our motivations. We're excited to continue to learn more and refer back to what she shared often. Definitely recommend bringing Jenn to your team.

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