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Conflict happens. Life brings challenges. Do you know how to lead through them? Jenn helps you get the skills to thrive.

How to Have a Hard Conversation

How to Have a Hard Conversation

How to Have a Hard Conversation

Free live Webinar How to have a hard conversation Jenn Whitmer Conflict resolution enneagram coach

Conflict is tangled and scary. Done well, it's an opportunity for growth and connection.

In 30 minutes, you'll learn:

  1. How to start the hard conversation.
  2. How to listen and express yourself 
  3. How to reach connected closure.

Even if you are the one who runs like Forrest Gump away from conflict, you can do this!    

Apology First Aid Kit

How to Have a Hard Conversation

How to Have a Hard Conversation

Apologies are relationship first aid. tip sheet conflict resolution

When a relationship is broken — from a minute crack to a wide schism — 

“I’m sorry” alone isn’t enough.

I've put together a free, one-page Apology Tip Sheet to help you rebuild.

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An audience laughs with Jenn in the front. At the same time, her stories inspire and equip people to make meaningful change. As a keynote speaker and professional development consultant, Jenn delights audiences with her humor, warmth, and experience. 


Twenty years of leading students, professionals, and colleagues to think deeper, dream bigger, and ask more questions in order to connect and grow.

Tips for Your Next Conversation

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