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Hiya, I’m Jenn

Do you feel that? That’s the breath of fresh air coming your way.

I can guarantee your audience will laughing and learning with me on stage. I use storytelling, interaction, big questions, real data, and a big dose of humor to teach about leadership — where heads come up, backbones straighten, and lightness fills the room.

And your audience leaves with their scribbled notes, emails to themselves, and chatter to their people full of actionable steps that transform their lives.


Executive event producer

No one has more energy than Jenn. She recently emceed and spoke at a 2-day conference for women leaders in agriculture and was amazing! Jenn does a wonderful job keeping participants on task and the meeting on schedule. Her presentation gave participants a quick self-assessment of their conflict style and provided them the tools and easy steps to help navigate difficult conversations. Authentic and effective, Jenn’s expertise stays with the audience because she truly connects with them as people.

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hospitality director

Jenn Whitmer is an interactive and engaging speaker, even in our virtual training platform. Jenn's workshop on conflict resolution was perfect for our managers. Our managers learned how to identify their own conflict style, myths about conflict, and actual phrases to use when dealing with conflict. She did exercises with the group on the spot and even provided free downloadable material at the end. One of the comments from our managers, “I wish I would have learned this 10 years ago!”

I highly recommend Jenn as a speaker.

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Nonprofit leader

Our team tends to get deep in the weeds with our work and badly needed this training to connect us and encourage us to get to know ourselves and one another better. Jenn conducted an upbeat, positive, and extremely informational session introducing us to the Enneagram. Her knowledge and engaging style kept everyone's attention and gave us the means to do some self-discovery and identify our motivations. We're excited to continue to learn more and refer back to what she shared often. Definitely recommend bringing Jenn to your team.

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Seven-figure entrepreneur

Jenn was a speaker in my business coaching program and absolutely blew it out of the park. She was so incredible and impactful for my students in helping them integrate the Enneagram with their business and truly understand their clients from a different perspective. Jenn was also a guest on my podcast and really taught the Enneagram in a way that was simple, understandable, and highly actionable. When this information is used powerfully it can truly change your life, and Jenn teaches it in a way that's not just "good to know" but easily applied! I couldn't recommend her more!

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Top Ten Reasons to Book Jenn


Jenn speaks about hard topics with infections joy, helping the audience move past their own barriers to growth.


With big questions, stories, and interaction, the audience isn't just sitting through another talk. They are engaged and learning.


Jenn uses examples from the every day life of leaders — in the office and at home. The audience can see themselves and are inspired to apply what they've learned because it's attainable and inspirational.


When we laugh, we remember more, as part of integrated memories. While Jenn does think she's a freakin' riot, the humor is for the audience to walk away with information that sticks.


A few of Jenn's credentials...
Jenn has a Master's Certification in Theology and Leadership and Education. She holds a Master of Arts in Communication and Culture as well as certification as an Enneagram coach.


Every industry and audience has their inside jokes and unique pressures. Jenn can craft her message to meet the needs of your audience.


Jenn had her first speaking event in 5th Grade (thank you DAR essay competition!) But she's honed that skill during years of speaking, educational leadership, consulting, and training volunteers through professionals.


Jenn makes complicated topics accessible to the audience. With practiced pacing and timing, she brings the audiences on a journey to understanding.


Jenn is here to serve you and the audience. Her clients repeatedly say she is easy to work with and professional. You need someone you can trust to deliver for you... and Jenn is your girl.


Jenn isn't just delivering another informational session. She's fully present with your audience, inviting them into an adventure they continue when the walk out of your event.


Jenn can save your company millions of dollars...yes, I mean millions.
Employee engagement and leadership skills aren’t extras for your organization. They are the very lifeblood of a profitable company. Shall I share a few examples?
•A disengaged employee costs a company 34% of their salary. That’s on average $17,651.53 per employee per year.
•According to Gallup, highly engaged teams see a 20% lift in productivity and a 40% improvement in turnover.
•Replacing an employee ranges from one-half of an employee's annual salary up to two times that salary. In an organization of 100 people that’s up to $2.6 million per year.

•And what about conflict? A leading cause of lack of employee engagement? According to CCP, each employee spends on average three hours a week managing the effects of unresolved conflict. That’s nearly $668 billion dollars a year for the U.S.
This is a solvable problem.
Jenn engages your audience not only with stories, but also with actionable skills they can apply right away. Learning how to manage conflict, communicate effectively, and most importantly develop the No. 1 leadership skill —
Your people will leave feeling inspired and empowered. And also asking...where did you find Jenn?

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Jenn’s energy comes through the screen. No boring talking head here. Your audience will thank you for an interactive and engaging experience. An experienced virtual speaker since 2019, Jenn will bring your audience all the excitement and empowerment from her screen to yours.
Whether it's a large virtual summit or training your team, Jenn has everything in her home studio to deliver a sparkling and insightful talk for you.

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We shall be known by our love. And sometimes, our faith isn't well-represented by the way we treat one another. Often, people have the heart but haven’t developed the skills to practically solve interpersonal issues.

Jenn will bring your organization the powerful skills of communication, conflict resolution, and self-awareness — all rooted in the Gospel.

Jenn can bring you Enneagram training, Gospel-centered conflict resolution, communication skills, and soul care practices that will transform your people. They’ll leave knowing more of the flourishing life God wants for all of us.

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Sustainable Leadership + Burnout

Without caring for your inner world, you will fail as a leader. Because unless you have become a robot, you are a whole person. When wholeness is cracked, broken, or even shattered, leaders burn out themselves and their teams. And that costs everyone time and money. Get your guide to cultivating wholeness and wholeheartedness with simple practices that transform a dry desert of ineffective motions to a flourishing success. If you are interested in sustainable growth as a leader, soul care is what you need.

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Leadership +

The No. 1 predictor of leadership success is healthy self-awareness. Lack
of knowing yourself causes stress, inefficiency, and ineffective work. Self-aware
leaders have more engaged teams, are promoted more, and run more profitable companies. And listen — they’re just happier in general.
Learn how to transform your leadership with self-awareness and the
powerful tool of the Enneagram.

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The $668 billion opportunity. Your success will rise and fall with the ability to manage conflict. Conflict avoided creates unhealthy and unproductive teams; conflict mismanaged often strikes more harm than good. Learn how we show up in conflict, what we need to resolve conflict, and how to equip ourselves to create peace. From a recovering conflict avoider who used to moonwalk out of hard conversations, come learn with humor and stories how conflict can be your way
to the good life.

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Enne-What? Enneagram 101 • Come Talk to Me: Communication • 
Enneagram for Teams • Values + Culture.
Keynotes, Half- and full-day Workshops 

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