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Hiya! I’m Jenn Whitmer. You’ve come over to the About page, so you’re likely wondering a little bit, who is this woman?

So glad you asked! Mostly because I love questions. Big questions lead to big dreams and big ideas. But there is so much space between the Question and a finished Thing. And sometimes, it’s not even a finished Thing, but rather a Process—a way of being and doing in the world that is healthy and effective. 

And that’s what I love to do: help people be and do in ways that promote connection and flourishing. Turns out, I have a lot of experience in teaching, coaching, and connecting all kinds of people.

I have extensive experience and education in training, public speaking, writing, editing, proofreading, feedback, professional development, curriculum development, assessment practices, conflict resolution, research, leadership, theology, interpersonal and intercultural communication, social media, and team management. (Whew, take a breath there, sister.) I have wide experience in advancement, public relations, diversity training, digital storytelling, and cultural responsiveness.

Experience and education are wonderful; experience and education have mostly taught me I always get to learn more. If I can serve someone else with what I’ve learned, that is the best reward.

I help people come together for a common goal, ask the questions we didn’t know we had, and find the answers we truly need.

So how can I serve you? How can we work together? Let’s see if we can make your corner of the world a little bit better.

Eclectic Fun


I love a team, so here are some of mine!

Mic Drop Workshop



Self-awareness is one of my passions! Here are a few inventories:

• Enneagram: 7


• StrengthsFinder: Communication,

  Strategic, Activator, Positivity, &


For more tools visit my resources page.

Certified Enneagram Coach. You can join the coaching waitlist here.

The Bullets

Formal Education

• William Jewell College & St. Peter's College, Oxford University—B.S. Vocal Music Education, History Minor Summa Cum Laude

• The Trilogy Project—Masters Training, Theology and Leadership

• Webster University—Master of Arts, Communications and Culture, Multi-Modal Literacy for Global Impact

•Your Enneagram Coach—Certified Coach

Experience & Clients

• United Soybean Board, Speaker~Communication, Leadership

• Central Christian School, St. Louis—Director of

   Assessment, Faculty Leadership

• OB|P—Feedback & Writing Coach, Editor, Speaker~Social Media, Storytelling

• Crestview Senior Living—Speaker~Interpersonal

  Communication, Conflict Resolution, Culture

• Jubilee Church—Speaker~Conflict Resolution, Social Media

• CommonGround—Speaker~Social Media, Panel Moderator

• Illinois Farm Bureau—Speaker ~Social Media

• Faith and For the Sake of All—Liaison,

   Speaker~Health Equity Works Data

• Independent Writer, Editor, & Communications Professional

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