Hiya! I’m Jenn Whitmer. You’ve come over to the About page, so you’re likely wondering a little bit, who is this woman? And how can she help me?

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Do you remember playing jobs as a kid? With my cousins and neighbors, I used to create whole towns with legos, Barbies, books, and whatever office supplies we could nick from the kitchen or mom’s bill pile. I, of course, created theme songs for each job as we worked together in “the town.”

From choir and theatre to swim team and professional clubs, the magic of a group working together always captivated me. We all had our unique pieces to bring, creating something far greater than the sum of its parts.

When I began my professional life in education, we created the same greatness and joy by seeing our special contributions, collaborating to cultivate an impact right now and in the future. From leading large volunteer teams, all the way through to my dream job as a school leader, I found this to be true.

Until my dream job changed to a toxic place.

Sacrifice after sacrifice was required. I was squeezed to do more and more, while also being asked to conform to a rigid standard. I found myself pressured to operate outside my skill sets and even my values. Conflict, gossip, and shame reigned. Collaboration evaporated, and silos enclosed us. My family got the dregs of my energy, and I didn’t even know myself anymore.

One day, my youngest asked me to play kitchen. And sitting on the floor, pretending to cook a plastic tomato, I thought, “Where did the joy of playing jobs go? When did all of this become soul-crushing and completely unsustainable?”

There must be a way back to the joy of work.

My curiosity led to deep study of how self-awareness and personality impact how teams communicate, have conflict, and create together. I added to my graduate certificates in education, theology, and leadership an M.A. in Communication and Culture from Webster University. I studied peacemaking and conflict resolution. I also dove deep into the Enneagram personality framework and became a certified Enneagram coach.

At first, this was just for me, because I believe you can only lead as far as you’ve healed. But then, I could see how this was the path toward more than just joy for me. This is the way brave leaders create flourishing workplace cultures.

Work should be a joy.

As an international speaker and consultant, I’ve stood in front of thousands of people, helping them develop the skills to improve their teams. And I want to help you restore the joy of work.

I help you create a healthy workplace culture that is people-first and purpose-driven. Back the joy of playing jobs and building worlds. Let’s work together, so you and your team improve communication, resolve conflict, and develop deep respect for the unique skills and gifts each person brings to their work. All so you can live an integrated, peaceful life where you bring all of yourself to work without sacrificing your productivity, your profits, or your life.

After my work with Forever Ready Productions, the CEO, Lauren, said, “Our awareness of how to communicate effectively with each other has increased so much. We have a common language as well as so much respect for each others’ unique gifts. We've directly increased our efficiency across projects, and improved our communication with our clients.” 

I’ve seen the same outcomes from other clients, such as American Society for Clinical Laboratory Scientists, Chick-Fil-A, Project Management Institute, Kiwanis International, Boy Scouts of America, ServiceNow, and other purpose-driven organizations who want to retain, engage, and empower their employees.

Joy at work is available to you and your team. Whether you’re handing chicken sandwiches through a drive-through window or creating the app everyone needs on their phone to connecting students to job experience or standing for justice in court, we all deserve joy in our job. I engage your team with fun and stories, followed by actionable steps to apply right away so everyone can flourish.

Let’s set up a quick time to talk about how we can make this happen for your team.



  • Master of Arts in communication and culture
  • Graduate certificate in music education
  • Graduate certificate in theology and leadership
  • Extended training in conflict resolution
  • YEC certified Enneagram coach
  • 20+ years of leadership experience in education nonprofit organizations.


Executive event producer

No one has more energy than Jenn. She recently emceed and spoke at a 2-day conference for women leaders in agriculture and was amazing! Jenn does a wonderful job keeping participants on task and the meeting on schedule. Her presentation gave participants a quick self-assessment of their conflict style and provided them the tools and easy steps to help navigate difficult conversations. Authentic and effective, Jenn’s expertise stays with the audience because she truly connects with them as people.

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health care leader

I had a poor distinction between home and work life, frustration with the management of both. After our Enneagram training in the Catalyst Leadership Lab, I improved my confidence, understanding how I was leading in both areas, and I was able to set more reasonable expectations on myself and others.

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executive assistant

Jenn is the perfect mixture of kind and honest. She makes you feel safe to learn. Coaching with Jenn has transformed my relationship with husband and helped me reach the next level in my career.

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hospitality director

Jenn Whitmer is an interactive and engaging speaker, even in our virtual training platform. Jenn's workshop on conflict resolution was perfect for our managers. Our managers learned how to identify their own conflict style, myths about conflict, and actual phrases to use when dealing with conflict. She did exercises with the group on the spot and even provided free downloadable material at the end. One of the comments from our managers, “I wish I would have learned this 10 years ago!”

I highly recommend Jenn as a speaker.

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Seven-figure entrepreneur

Jenn was a speaker in my business coaching program and absolutely blew it out of the park. She was so incredible and impactful for my students in helping them integrate the Enneagram with their business and truly understand their clients from a different perspective. Jenn was also a guest on my podcast and really taught the Enneagram in a way that was simple, understandable, and highly actionable. When this information is used powerfully it can truly change your life, and Jenn teaches it in a way that's not just "good to know" but easily applied! I couldn't recommend her more!

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online business leader

When I put the Enneagram training to work, I found the ability to notice my own questions, use my natural gifts to grow my team, and create new options for my teen boys. My new effectiveness earned me a top-tier corporate trip with my company!

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Nonprofit leader

Our team tends to get deep in the weeds with our work and badly needed this training to connect us and encourage us to get to know ourselves and one another better. Jenn conducted an upbeat, positive, and extremely informational session introducing us to the Enneagram. Her knowledge and engaging style kept everyone's attention and gave us the means to do some self-discovery and identify our motivations. We're excited to continue to learn more and refer back to what she shared often. Definitely recommend bringing Jenn to your team.

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Leadership is serious business. And it starts by leading yourself. Sometimes growing in self-awareness can get a little, well, heavy. I walk you through serious growth with a lightness that leads to joy. You were meant to live a confident and peaceful live.




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You are meant to flourish. I'm here to give the skills to get there.

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The Enneagram is a deceptively simple wisdom tool. When you start applying the Enneagram in your life, its depth will transform your life and relationships.

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Healthy leadership requires ruthless self-honesty and generous self-compassion. When we bring things into the light, then we can bring about change.

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When I get nervous, I laugh and speak like I’m in a walk-and-talk from The West Wing.
In a challenging conversation, when your tongue is cemented to the roof of your mouth, it’s helpful to have something to loosen the mortar without exploding the conversation.

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