Reset your life and revive your spirit so you can reimagine your work and lead others with enthusiasm.

March 6-8, 2024
St. Louis, Missouri

You can't lead from a deficit.

Reset your life and revive your spirit so you can reimagine your work and lead others with enthusiasm.

The to-do list is extensive and ever-expanding. 

The pitch meeting is looming, and you’re behind.

Your team is lacking direction and looking to you. 

Regardless of where your pain points live, you know you’re not able to lead effectively and work effortlessly. As women, we often just keep going. Exhaustion is here, and burnout lurks just around the corner. 

So why continue spinning your wheels only to get no where you want?

Leadership — the kind of leadership you know you’re capable of — takes investment. Investment in your personal well-being, investment in your mental well-being, and investment in your work well-being…

…and this takes more than simply rest.

You don’t need one more thing to do — you need something different.

You don’t need more — you need different.

Going it alone and trying all the hacks will only work for the short term. Lasting change requires investment in yourself with guidance and community to cheer you on. 

With this community and guidance, you can get back to solid ground that feels aligned, empowered, and free. 

Let me tell you...that life is available. I want to care for you and help you get there.

Take the time to invest in yourself at The Joyosity Retreat. We’re gathering an exclusive group of leaders like you so you pause the doing everything for everyone else and breathe for yourself.

Secure your spot to give yourself the time to reset your life, the tools to reimagine your work, and the path to revive your spirit so you can be the leader of your life.

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The cure for exhaustion isn't rest.

It's wholeheartedness.

David Whyte

The cure for exhaustion isn't rest.

It's wholeheartedness.

David Whyte

Hiya! I'm Jenn.

I sat at new-to-me-but-actually-old desk, wondering if I could really do this job. I wasn't worried about the tasks — I was worried about me dealing with all the people development that comes with a leadership role.

Are you in that place? Where you're moving up, but it also means you have to level up? All the what-if, doubting questions that paper-cut your confidence.

I can help. In that first leadership role, I had the mac-daddy of all revelations about leadership: it starts with me. All the people issues and problem-solving and vision-casting and teamwork doesn't happen if I don't do my own personal and professional development. And all of those leadership skills are attainable.

Years later, I'm now here to help you. After leading students, faculties, teams, and leaders, I dug into an entire masters program on communication and culture in addition to Enneagram certification and conflict resolution training. I specialize in interpersonal conflict resolution, leadership, and the Enneagram. I've developed the Catalyst Compass model to walk leaders and their teams into healthy workplace culture.

All of that experience and training is so I can guide leaders just like you build confidence, lead effectively, and live with peace and wholeness without sacrificing who you are.

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