Jul 22, 2022

Bless Our Enneagram Hearts: Funny Enneagram Memes

Those who can laugh at themselves will never cease to be amused.

One of my values is joy. I use the Enneagram every day to help my clients and audiences solve conflict, cultivate communication, and create empowered teams. It’s deep and meaningful work.

Although the work I do is deep and serious, I don’t have to take myself seriously. It helps to laugh at ourselves once in a while!

If you’re saying Ennea-what? The Enneagram is a personality framework that shows us why we feel, think, and act the way we do. Go grab my primer on understanding the Enneagram, “Why Do I Keep Doing This?” for free for all the types and their core motivations.

So take these with a pillar of salt and laugh for a bit.

Enneagram Eights:

Protective Challengers

Motivated by protection and desire to avoid being controlled.

Enneagram Nines:

Harmonious Peacemaker
Motivated to stay connected and avoid conflict.

Enneagram Ones:

Reforming Perfectionists

Motivated to be good and make things right.

Enneagram Twos:

Considerate Giver

Motivated to help others to avoid rejection.

Enneagram Threes:

Successful Competitors

Motivated to achieve and have success

Enneagram Fours:

Romantic Individualists

Motivated to emotionally connect and be authentic to themselves

Enneagram Fives:

Investigative Observers

Motivated to be competent and manage their energy

Enneagram Sixes:

Loyal Skeptic

Motivated to be prepared to avoid blame and abandonment

Enneagram Sevens:

Enthusiastic Visionary

Motivated to avoid pain and discomfort and afraid of missing out.

Every week I offer a new set of Friday funnies over on Instagram. I love it when people share their favorites with me! I’ll tag you if I use it!

Have more serious questions about the Enneagram? Make sure you grab my Enneagram booklet for free!



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