Mar 19, 2020

Cut it in half

Jon Acuff wins. He’s right. Cut it in half.

If you have (the privilege) to work from and you have kids at home right now, cut your productivity goals in half—for everyone. 

When you’re all home all the time:

There’s more cleaning.

There’s more disciplining.

There’s more whining (from the kids too 😬).

And a lot less work getting done.

Absolutely, use all the awesome resources from online zoo trips to doodling with Mo Williams. Go outside on your balcony or patio. Turn off the news for a bit. Make your lists.

Absolutely, set an intention and routine for this new normal. Set goals and dream a bit. Encourage learning in new ways. Be silly and laugh. 

Breathe. Then cut your expectations in half. Or maybe even more.

I’m here for coaching sessions if you want to have some support! First one is on me!



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