Mar 1, 2020

Facing the Future

Sometimes, I believe I am living in tomorrow.

Sure, I don’t say it out loud, but I behave as if I am not constrained by time. As if the future and what could be is bolder and brighter than today and what actually is.

Hi, Enneagram 7. Nice to meet you. 🤝

I’m not alone: Enneagram 8s and Enneagram 3s are also facing the future, solving problems and finding the most efficient way to get there.

(Technically, this is about Enneagram orientation to time, but those are big words, and here’s what it really means…)

Facing the future as a posture has many gifts: Often, we see what’s coming, when others are still lacing up their shoes.

We see a bigger picture and help others connect to the greater purpose. We see the forest and all the trees. When others are focused on the past or right now, we see what could be and lots of ways to get there.

At times, we look forward to avoid pain or unnecessary drama. The future is possibilities and no pain. If we live in the future, we don’t have to start now. There is a safety in setting a goal rather than facing the pain of now. If we can solve all the problems of the future, we can protect ourselves and all those we love. 

A shock some days, we don’t actually live in the future. We can look to the future, but we have to live out this life in the Here and the Now. 

Real Talk: Because the here and now is a hot mess of hard.

Living in the future means I don’t have to do all the feeling that comes with the mess and madness of everyday life. I can’t be inadequate or insignificant in the future.

Yet, I must remember I am building a life with what I have today. I am not behind.

I have enough for today.

There is enough knowledge.

There is enough skill.

There is enough beauty.

There is enough love.

There is enough grace for today.

Each day, I have all I need to live in today. 

To my fellow assertive stance friends:

Breathe. We have all we need to gather the daily bits of ordinary in this very day and live with an extraordinary grace.



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