Oct 2, 2019

Failure and Success Dance Together

Failure and Success Dance together conflict resolution growth

Top frustrating reality of life: In becoming better, we don’t follow a straight upward curve. 

We don’t dance our way from success to success without tripping on our hem. Sometimes you can smile and laugh through it. Other times you slip ‘n’ slide down the stage with an audience of 1000 people. And sometimes that’s not figurative 😳 Ask me how I know…

Growth always involves setbacks. When we fall back, discouragement looms. We can quickly throw up our hands and question if continuing to try is even worth it.

The first valley is hard; the next one can be even harder. And if the failure shocks you, it can knock you flat. 

Jess Ekstrom says, “Failure is not the opposite of success; it’s a part of it.”

Perhaps, if we expect setbacks and have a framework to process setbacks, the cha-cha of growth will feel more natural.

Here is an 8-count of questions to help you process through setbacks:

  1. What do I think about this setback?
  2. How do I feel about this setback?
  3. Is this a pattern in my life?
  4. What do I know now that I didn’t know before?
  5. What skill or information do I need to learn or have someone do the next time?
  6. What past setbacks I have I moved on from well?
  7. Whom can I ask to give me their feedback?
  8. Who can partner with me through this to become better?

Use the answers to dance toward growth, even if you’ve been on this dance floor before. You may need to change your steps. You may need a coach. Mostly, you need to try again.

Rest in the knowledge that this is normal. You’re not doing it wrong. You are not a failure because of a setback. You are human.

Growth isn’t linear. 

Growth isn’t linear. 

Keep going.



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