Mar 27, 2019

Hop on the Struggle Bus

I mean, nobody likes the #strugglebus.

It’s always too hot or too cold, the seats are cracked, and the air has a vague smell of wet socks. No seat belts and either too many people or awkwardly few people.

In short, it feels uncomfortable and vulnerable.

But the great thing about the struggle bus is it’s a vehicle. It will take you somewhere. It is a way to move to a new place, a way to grow. And often, it’s an express not a local.

And growth almost always feels a touch uncomfortable and a tiny bit unsafe.

Don’t just stay on the bus, aimless riding along.

Face what makes you uncomfortable. Embrace vulnerability.

Ask the questions about the roots and patterns of the struggle.

Be brave enough to answer honestly.

Then do your work.

Use the struggle. A destination with new skills and perspective awaits.



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