May 19, 2019



I was afraid to say out loud, “I am a speaker and a writer.”

What did that mean? Who was I to claim these titles?

Once I said it out loud, now what did I do? All the doubts began crowding my bravery.

There were plenty of negative voices in my head and some outside my head. You just want attention. Someone else has already done this. What have you done to make you an expert? Why should you do this? Can’t someone else do this? You’re just an imposter.

But there were plenty of cheerleaders too. You should do this. You’re so good at this. Thank you for helping me. I want to hear more. Your story made it real.

And I couldn’t escape the deep satisfaction from every time I put my thoughts into just the right words. Or I stood in front of a crowd with the audience that laughs, nods, and takes notes. Speaking and writing are my grove, where I was made to fit in this world.

I don’t care if everyone knows my name. But I do want everyone who knows my name to say, “Jenn helped me.”

Ever the learner, I wanted help to serve my audience well. And I found Hope*Writers.

Hope*Writers is a community of writers, speakers, and podcasters. The group offers training for where you are in your journey. I’ve found Hope*Writers so helpful in strengthening my confidence, discipline, and balance.

Ever felt like you might like this path? That the journey of words may be for you? 

Monday, May 20, sign up for a free masterclass about writing and the different stages of writing. Four time: 1pm, 4pm, 7pm, 10pm Eastern.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Twenty Questions Writers Ask.

Or take this quiz about which writing stage you’re in.

Maybe you’re already ready. You want a community to help you hone your craft. Hope*Writers only opens three times a year. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with this group.

Come join with me: the page and the stage are more fun with friends!



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