Jul 5, 2024

How to Lead Through Change

If you’re leading, you’re going to manage change. Here are the questions you need to ask, and the BIG one you need to do it well.

Not sure you have time to watch? I take you behind the scenes of the significant changes I’m leading right now. The three big ideas for you:

1) Change is constant and complex. Effectively managing change is a key leadership skill.

2) Clarity goes beyond how. You have to know and be able to articulate the purpose of the work and the reason for change on multiple levels.

3) You’re gonna have to watch to get number three. 😉 Or you can download the transcript.

It’s common and expected to be overwhelmed in change. That usually gets you stuck. And you need someone to pull you out of that quicksand.

Grab a 15-minute Spark Session with me. We’ll see what’s got you stuck in the overwhelm and determine your next right step.



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