Sep 1, 2020

Personality: Save Time and Money

Do you want to save time and money? Jenn Whitmer enneagram coach conflict resolution virtual keynote

I totaled my dad’s car when I was 16—in my own driveway…

I  backed the ‘82 Cutlass Supreme into a random F250 black truck with an enormous tow hitch that had chosen that moment to turn around in our driveway.

What I didn’t use that winter morning? My mirrors.

Cost me a lot of time scooping ice cream at BaskinRobbins to pay for that damage!

Personality tools, like mirrors, help us see what’s in our blind spots. Because what’s hanging out in our blind spots trips us up and keeps us stuck. Blind spots stall our leadership, add strife to relationships, &  kill our confidence.

In the video, I share my 2 reasons why I use personality tools in my training and coaching. I also tell you why the  Enneagram is the one that brings the most powerful change.

Do you know what’s driving you?

What’s underneath your mindset?

What it’s costing you? I  wrote “Why Do I Keep Doing This?” An ebooklet to describe the motivations that are hidden in your blind spot. Let this booklet be a  mirror for you. Let me save you some time and money. Request your complimentary copy now!



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