Jul 21, 2020

Ready to Change


I’m longing for peace. Conflict and strife and confusion keep getting in the way.

And I’m just so done. I want to make good decisions that lead toward peace and goodness, and this 2020 business keeps coming up with new things to make me weary!

When I feel this overwhelm and spin, I have learned to notice if I’m reacting out of the basic emotional struggle of my Enneagram type: fear.

The Enneagram Centers of Intelligence show us the foundational emotional struggle of our personality. 

The Body Center (8s,9s,1s):

This triad responds to the emotional struggle of anger and wants justice and respect.

The Heart Center (2s,3s,4s): 

This triad responds to the emotional struggle of guilt or shame and wants significant identity and validation.

The Head Center (5s,6s,7s): 

This triad responds to the emotional struggle of fear and wants security and safety.

Of course, each of us has anger, shame, and fear.

But when disappointment or conflict or difficulty (I don’t know, like a global pandemic that disrupts everyone’s lives) we first interact with the world from that foundational emotional struggle. 

And most of the time, we don’t even know that’s what we’re doing.

  • As we face continued challenges, are you making moves and choices to avoid dealing with your root emotional struggle?
  • Do you notice when your core emotional struggle and core desire are taking over?
  • Do you know how to get yourself back in control?

When do you want to do something about that?

There’s a difference between knowing about the Enneagram and using it as a tool for growth and transformation in your life.

There’s a difference between trying it on your own and having a guide.

In the middle of ALL.THE.THINGS, as a coach, I can be a trusted ally to walk with you. To help you make those decisions toward goodness and peace.Let’s do something about it together. Schedule a free session today.



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