Jul 22, 2019


The whispers have become shouts this week.

rest, Rest, REST!

It seemed from every corner, someone was calling me, encouraging me to rest.

And the truth is, I’m bad at resting. I’m like the toddler who just keeps spinning in a circle to keep from falling asleep.

I’m excellent at getting a ton of things done. I’m great at procrastinating. I’m fantastic at having fun. I am a go-getter who loves to entertain and be entertained. My eclectic interests easily keep me distracted in the fascination of new ideas.

But rest, that’s a different skill altogether. And I’m growing in it. Mostly growing to release the guilt of resting. 

When I consider the source of the guilt, it comes from a frustrated desired to be unlimited. Somehow I believe I am Wonder Woman.

Isn’t that the message I see constantly?

You can do everything— Conquer the business world! Maintain all the friends! Date your husband! Dote on your children! Practice self-care! Advocate for the marginalized! Serve your community!

But none of that includes the rhythms of rest. Those messages are all about doing, not about being. Resting is simply being. Resting reminds me I have limits, and limits are healthy.

Rest is often quiet, often sleep, often stillness. And sometimes, solitude.

So this week, I rested.

When I simply am, when I notice my breath and am content in rest, I feel my boundaries expand and see they fall in pleasant places. 

It’s Monday. The day we jump at #modaymotivation and let’s crush this week! It goes against the grain to encourage rest. Yet, I think it’s the best inspiration I’ve experienced this week.

How do you rest? Do you struggle to rest?



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