May 14, 2019


Sometimes, I believe I am living in tomorrow. Sure, I don’t say it out loud, but I behave as if I am not constrained by time. As if the future and what could be is bolder and brighter than today and what actually is. 

Sometimes, I see what’s coming. I see a bigger picture and help others connect to the greater purpose. I see the forest and the destination.

Sometimes, I avoid pain or unnecessary drama. I don’t begin because a start means possible pain. Or judgment. Or conflict. Or the worst: limiting my possibilities.

Sometimes, I remember I am building a life with what I have today. There will be no leftover time. There is knowledge and conviction and skills and giftings and grace for today.

Every time, I have all I need to live in today. Breathe. I have all I need to gather the daily bits of ordinary and start with an extraordinary grace.



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