Sep 12, 2020

Jackie dropped her 6th graders at my music room door. “A plane has hit the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. They’re burning to the ground.” “How is that possible? They’re in New York and DC.” “I don’t know. But it’s all falling apart.” A student stared at me with wide eyes: “My dad is in […]

May 19, 2019

We all have crappy first drafts. Ideas are messy and unkempt. Getting them onto paper, formed into words is what Donald Miller calls “vision” and Peter Drucker calls the “zero draft.” Often the first finished draft is how writers discover what we actually think. The first draft captures the fleeting, vaporous thoughts that vanish without […]

May 19, 2019

I was afraid to say out loud, “I am a speaker and a writer.” What did that mean? Who was I to claim these titles? Once I said it out loud, now what did I do? All the doubts began crowding my bravery. There were plenty of negative voices in my head and some outside […]

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