Sep 3, 2021

Three Tips to Connect With People

Three Tips to Build Connection and Save Millions of Dollars with the Enneagram Jenn Whitmer Keynote Speaker and Enneagram coach

The Enneagram and connection can save you millions of dollars. (Yes, MILLIONS)

Forbes used data from Achievers showing each disengaged employee costs a company 34% of their salary. That’s a $13,600 cost for the median $40K  salary.

Ouch! So what can you do? How do you engage employees?

Create a culture of honoring and respecting people (not just their productivity.)

Develop strategies to increase healthy interpersonal connections.

I don’t know if I’ve told you this but… the Enneagram is more than a fun party trick, it’s the best leadership and connection tool.

So what does it mean for my day to do life and my business?

I use the self-awareness the Enneagram teaches me every day. From how I plan my day for effective work and responding to clients and colleagues  to addressing my deepest fears and using my greatest strengths.

I’m prone to distraction (like I just stopped writing to watch a bird and then wonder if I should google what type it was…). But it’s really a deep fear of missing out that keeps me limited and ineffective. 

So I use that awareness to choose actions that encourage my focus and productivity (I came back and didn’t head to google).

Now the real question — why should this matter to you?

Because by letting you in on a piece of me, we build a stronger connection. 

And why does connection matter? Because if you’re consistently trying to be an effective leader, you absolutely must connect with people.

Three tips on using connection in your life, leadership, and business.

Invite longer responses.

My favorite: Tell me more about…

You find out more motivation and emotion when you hear longer stories. And Madam Maya was right, people will remember how you made them feel. 

Ask specifically.

My favorite: What’s something good for you right now?

General questions get general responses.

Offer support.

My favorite: What could I help you with right now?

Giving people permission to ask for help changes your connection. And when you follow through with the help, you build trust.  

So back to those millions….

The Enneagram reveals deep understanding that increases effective communication, improves decision-making, and smooths conflict resolution. 

Start to explore the Enneagram with this booklet: “Why Do I Keep Doing This?”

It will show you the basic framework of the Enneagram and the motivations of each of the nine types. Get curious about yourself and then your team. Use the three tools with the Enneagram and your employee engagement will absolutely go up.

Get the booklet here for free.



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