Jul 7, 2020

What You Say to Yourself

You talk to yourself all the time. Sometimes, you a little salty, my friend.

Much of the time, we just let thoughts sail right into the truth pile without, well, a second thought.

But we can grab them.

Hold them up for a mini inspection.

And then choose to change the thought.

In my faith, we call it taking every thought captive.

In science, it’s called creating new neural pathways.

Each Enneagram type has thoughts that aren’t always helpful in times of stress and conflict. And you can replace those notions with better ideas that bring peace to your life.

What You Might Think and Try Instead

for each Enneagram type


The Body Center of Intelligence

The Heart Center of Intelligence

The Head Center of Intelligence

If you don’t know your type, which one seems the most like your internal dialogue?

What are some of your thoughts you have to catch and change before they cause damage?

Good? Pin your type (or the one that speaks to you the most) to come back to when you’re having a poor self-talk day.

Better? Print it out so you can see it. Choose your thoughts. We easily drift toward the negative until we create those new neural pathways.

Best? Let’s have a conversation. It’s nearly impossible to adjust self-talk on your own. The work of creating new paths usually does best with a guide.

Click here to schedule a complimentary coaching seesion with me. I promising no strings attached, but some clarity at the end.

Drop a comment with your type and your thoughts. I’d love to hear.



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