Aug 22, 2022

Why Your Image Matters as a Leader

The most freeing idea is you can live as who you are today. Yes, right now, in this very moment, you have all the worth you need.

You don’t have to earn the right to care for yourself. I’m about self-improvement, of course! I want to keep growing and becoming the truest and most healthy version of myself.

The idea that you’re not worthy until some mythical point in the future is destroying you.

Jordan reminded us all, we must honor the self we have today. We don’t have to wait for confidence. It can begin right now.

Jordan Stolch and I were talking about style and image, but we were really talking about alignment and confidence. Be kind to yourself with who you are right now. That’s a place of confidence.

Jordan drops several nuggets of wisdom about why style matters, what confidence looks like, and how to begin developing your own style right now (the beginning is not shopping! Woot woot!)

Watch the whole interview here:

Do you need to care for the person you are right now? Connect with me and let’s talk about developing the confidence you want.



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