Sep 25, 2020

Your Enneagram Talk Style

Standing in the front, what do you feel? Pleased? Insecure? Terrified? Exhilarated? You are the biggest asset you bring to any presentation. In front of your team, a  client, or an audience of 6000, your self-awareness is your superpower.

Sally Koering Zimney invited me to share on her This Moved Me podcast how your personality impacts more than how you feel about speaking in front of a crowd.

We talk through how the Enneagram helps us leverage our personality strengths and address the difficulties it brings.

From  how the process of building a presentation improves the audience experience to how choosing the right stories and rehearsing magnifies your message, knowing yourself makes all the difference.

Experienced speakers, leaders, undergrads in a comms class, we all have to stand in front of the mic at some point. I share important insights to apply and change that experience from knee-knocking to powerful.


Sally  says a lot, “Perfection kills connection.” Her computer audio board was failing, and she didn’t know until after our recording. And I forgot we were doing this for YouTube! So here are, leaning into the gift of imperfection.

You can also listen on Apple & Spotify. I’d love to hear your AHAs.

If you are are curious how understanding yourself can give you more confidence in your presentations, let’s talk!



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