Jul 11, 2021

Be Brave Enough to Face Fear

What’s your biggest fear? (Don’t scroll & pretend something didn’t just pop its way up into your brain.) Do you know how that fear impacts your leadership & relationships? The fears you work so hard to hide from others & yourself?⁣

We had an explosion in the fall of 2001—a long-distance fight with my husband on my blue Nokia.⁣

The twist: we were shouting about cell phone minutes. Yes. On the cell phone.⁣

Here’s the deal: Back in the early 2000s, unlimited anything was not a thing.⁣

I wanted to stay within the budget. He wanted to use the tool. Neither knew what we were really fighting about.⁣

Conflicts happen when limited resources crash into our fears.⁣

In the video, I share three tips I’ve learned from resolving this situation and from my work with teams and leaders. ⁣

1: Don’t fight about the cell phone.⁣

2: Ask better questions. (Here’s where the Enneagram helps.)⁣

3: Plan for failure.

Can I invite you to explore how your fears & personality type impact how you approach your leadership in conflict—both large & small?⁣

I share my fear in the video.

Three questions:

What’s the fear that impacts your leadership?

What are you going to do about it?

How can I help you?⁣ 



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