Jan 26, 2024

A story about buying a car and what it cost not living by my values — and how the knowing them got us back on track.

Jan 5, 2024

So let’s dig a little deeper by helping you name the core values your Enneagram personality buzzes over. These Enneagram personality values will BZZZ every time they’re limited, ignored, or run over. You don’t have to live in the insecurity and anxiety that comes with the dishonest, immature version of yourself. You don’t have to […]

Dec 29, 2023

“Make it stop!” I shrieked at Spotify. I don’t even know what the ad was for, but the phrase “New Year. New You.” came through my airpods, and your girl lost it. New Year. New You. What a load of tripe. It’s just a tiny bit insulting, isn’t it…the “new year, new you” phrasing. As […]

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