Jan 5, 2024

Core Values of Each Enneagram Type (And Why It Matters)

Playing Operation, I bite my lip, twist my wedding ring, and tighten all my muscles. I’m always a little too concerned for the guy with the red nose. He’s just lying there with a bunch of kids with immature fine motor skills, looking at his naked form and trying to take out pieces of his body. And the BZZZ — you never know when it’s coming. Ugh, why play a game that provokes this much anxiety!?

As we’re talking about values this month, I’ve been thinking about Cavity Sam (our red-nosed friend from Operation) and immature leadership skills.

That BZZZ you never know is coming? That’s insecurity and anxiety nagging you when you live your life not identifying your personality and your values.
BZZZ someone ignores a value you didn’t know you had, and you spiral.
BZZZ you get passed over for a promotion because you need “stronger leadership skills.”
BZZZ you find yourself stuck, again, in the same place, feeling unmotivated and burnt out.

Owning who you are, seeing the deep parts of your Enneagram personality out in the open, and sharing your values…well, it feels exposed, vulnerable…almost dangerous. That’s why so many leaders just don’t do it. They ignore their personality and disregard their values. It feels easier and simpler.

The truth: it’s ineffective, exhausting, and infinitely harder.

You are most effective when you know who you are and what you value. And you are the most immature and incompetent when you live unaware.

I know it’s a little bit of sharp truth. But freedom begins with truth. Every time.

Mark Groves writes, “If you want to be free, stop settling for a lesser, dishonest version of yourself.” Ouch.

So how do you live free and flourishing? Living out Joyosity™? We talked last week about NDO — Name. Define. Operate. You have core values you choose, and core values your Enneagram personality has. (If you’re new to the Enneagram, it’s a personality framework that shows you why you think, feel, and act the way you do.)

So let’s dig a little deeper by helping you name the core values your Enneagram personality buzzes over.

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These Enneagram personality values will BZZZ every time they’re limited, ignored, or run over. You don’t have to live in the insecurity and anxiety that comes with the dishonest, immature version of yourself.

You don’t have to live like the child with undeveloped fine motor skills that constantly hits the sides of Cavity Sam. You can be the mature adult who has practiced naming and identifying core values and Enneagram personality values. That is the path of the most honest and free version of you.

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