Sep 23, 2019

How’s Your Monday?

Hiya, Monday! I know that our relationship is, well, tumultuous. So, can we talk?

You are steady. I’ll give you that. You are faithful to show up. Every week—same bat time, same bat channel.

I guess what changes is my thinking. 

I could see you as an opportunity to start afresh, exploring new ideas and practicing skills I’m learning. I can move beyond the past week and see a new chance to change my story, one little action at a time.


I could just grouse about you. Complain about your drudgery. Blame you for all my woes. I mean, everyone’s doing it, right?! I hear other people even say they’ve got a “case of the Mondays,” as if you are a virus, infecting us all with pain and misery. 

I guess if I’m the one that changes, I’m the one responsible for changing my thinking.

Now that I’m considering this, my thinking always matters. Which means I am never stuck; I can always look at relationships, conflicts, options, setbacks — and yes, you, Monday — in a different way. 

How I frame a situation changes the outcome. 

If you wanted to help by being a little sunny and cheery, that’d be great too.

Ok, Monday, thanks for letting me talk this out.

Let’s do this thing!


P.S. Do you think Tuesday and I should talk? Because sometimes, #TuesdayYouAintCute.

What are you going to do this Monday to start new? Big or small, just start.



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