Sep 22, 2019

Leadership Doesn’t Need Permission

Leadership isn’t taking charge, getting things done, or signing the checks. 

Leadership is serving and influencing others.

I’ve had this weird thing about permission. Maybe it’s military parents or years in teaching, but I felt like I could only help other people so much or live only so far into my dreams before a person in charge signed off. 

I mean, when I think about that now, I’m like, “Who was signing off?” I had been feeling guilty about serving others because of some mythical permission-giver. How cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs is that?

I’m continually learning this. I don’t need to feel some vague guilt for leading people. And neither do you. You have something to offer those around you. Something that would be missing if you didn’t give it. 

So do it. 

What’s the work issue that you have a solution to? Start to solve it. 

What group of friends needs your idea? Share it. 

What does your neighborhood lack that you can provide? Provide it. 

Whom can you sponsor on a project? Bring them along.

Want to do it better next time? Ask for feedback.

Is someone else doing something great already? Join them.

All of this is leadership. It’s doesn’t come with a title or have to be extraordinary. 

Do your thing. No permission required.



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