Mar 29, 2021

Leadership Requires Ruthless Self-Honesty

Do you get stuck in imposter syndrome in your leadership?

Are you a Professor who’s trying to be out front all the time because someone told you that’s what leaders do?

Or are you the Connector who’s focusing on the numbers when really you want to work with the people?

Maybe you’re the Natural who’s burnt out because it’s always left to you?

All three leadership styles can be effective and powerful. But not when you’re trying to be someone you aren’t.

When you know your style, effectiveness seems almost effortless. But even better, you’re living as yourself.

Imagine that peace…not trying to live as someone else, but owning your place and power in your leadership.

Are you ready to begin exploring your leadership style and how your personality impacts your leadership?

I’ve got a quick seven-question quiz to find your effortless gifts, lose the imposter feelings, and lead more empowered every day.

You unlock that peace and power of knowing who you are through ruthless self-honesty and generous self-compassion.

Share your style! I can’t wait to see what strengths you bring!



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