Mar 31, 2023

Let’s Change Workplace Culture

Work doesn’t have to be this hard. It can be a joy.

Joy, connection, belonging, purpose…all of that is available at work. As part of the wholeness of your life. You can work where your strengths are embraced, and your growth is championed. A place where values drive innovation and care, sustaining a wholehearted, flourishing culture.

Now you may say, “This is just a dream.”

But, believe me when I say, it’s more than a glimmer of just exactly what is possible. 

See, the system of profits above people has set you up for destruction.

You know this. I know this. We feel deeply in our collective soul.

The system that puts ever-increasing profit margins over the welfare of you, its people. The system has lied to you, promising if you sacrifice your life, you’ll be safe. It pits you against others, valuing competition over collaboration. A system that says work should be hard, a slog, and you should just be grateful to be in the muck.

So you dig in, doing the hard things. You’re being squeezed to do more and more, produce more and more, give more and more. Initiative after initiative from top comes down, without equipping or resourcing you. And then your team looks at you, “How can we do this?”  All the while, you hear the whisper in your own mind, “If this is just the way it is, what is wrong with me? Why can’t I deal with it?” 

And then you go home, to your family and friends. And second shift is harder because all of that anxiety and soul-crushing work barge into the space that’s meant to be sacred for you. There’s no relief, but you can’t just quit it all. 

No one has to tell you; you know this isn’t sustainable. And you want off this hamster wheel.

I see you, brave leader. I see your courage when you dare to say, “There must be a better way.” You can transform workplace culture for the good. I want to show you how.

You can create the workplace where you’re treated as fully human, worthy of dignity in all your complexity. An integrated, peaceful place where you bring all of yourself without sacrificing your life. Imagine that feeling.

Breathe that in for a moment.

A place where you embody a new compass, a new clarity, where you cultivate the mindset and skills of a leader who cares deeply for yourself and your team. You can create a workplace culture that is people-first and purpose-driven. And with that compass, develop a profitable, healthy, thriving organization.

It’s absolutely possible. Let me show you the way. 

The way to where your work is a joy. You are whole. And organizations flourish.



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