Apr 19, 2020

Quarells and Camels

I mean, aren’t we in the midst of tiny squabbles and pointed sighs? Little bickerings and a few quarrels?

Who took my book? I thought you were going to charge the computer? It’s my turn on the Wii! Why does she leave her cup out all the time? Ugh, you’re always late for our Slack call. Why, oh why, are your shoes in the middle of the floor?

And on and on the straws pile up…

Can’t you just feel it? Anxiety is through the exosphere, and everyone grates like Mrs. Bennet complaining about her nerves.

The weight of the pile is what breaks us. Wisdom is discerning which straws we have the power to chuck off, so we can continue the journey with a  manageable load.

Some straws are offenses you are holding onto. And, my friend, one will break you.

The best, most effective conflict resolution skill you can develop is overlooking. And right now, that skill is working some serious overtime.

I’ve been reminding myself of just how to overlook. There’s a process to removing the straw from the pile, not just changing its location on the camel’s back.

Because holding onto an offense is like walking around, holding a bucket full of water above your head. It’s gonna spill out, and mostly on you.



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