May 13, 2020

Rewrite Normal

Excitement and anxiety tangle as we begin to face emerging from the safety of our homes.

Questions from our dinner conversations:

“Do you think it will be the same?”

“When do you think it will be the same?”

“When will I be able to see my friends?”

“When will we be able to have people over?”

“Will the pool open?”

“Will we have any soccer?”

“Will we still have our piano recital?”

“How long until…?”

You get the idea.

I’ve been thinking about this since about Day 10. We’re now on Day 53.

For a journey-in-the-wilderness worth of time, I’ve been considering this question:

How do we rewrite our normal?

This is a cultural moment—a cultural trauma— that will mandate healing in big and small ways. There is always grieving of what was lost and what will never be.

And still, all healing presents an opportunity.

An opportunity to redo and revise and rewrite what’s next.

Our family schedule is empty. How do we add back in only what we really want?

My neighbors are out. How can I get to know them better?

We see a worker with their families. How can we remember their families?

My work as a speaker is upended. How can I help more people as a speaker?

People are confused and hurting. How can I serve people where they are as a coach?

Writing work is transforming. How can I offer information and inspiration?

I liked our life before. But now is a time for new questions.

The answers may empower us to build something we never knew was possible.

And you?

What questions are you asking to rewrite your normal?



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