Mar 6, 2019

Shine On

My desk lamp had been out for two weeks. I finally bought new bulbs, and the lamp was still dark. 

Finally, I checked the switch. Violà! Let there be light!

But how did the lamp go off?

I turn this lamp on and off at the power strip. One of my kiddos had turned off the light at its switch. 

The bulb was never really out. It was just disconnected from the power source. 

I’ve done this in my life. I allowed people to disconnect me from my source.  My light went out. I wasn’t me; I was just fumbling in the dark. Once I reconnected to my source, my purpose, my vision, I lit right back up.  Full of joy and peace, sparkling into the world.

Check that you are connected to your source. We need your light.



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